Year 6

Remembrance Day

Year 6 have studied war poetry. These poems were written during or after WWI and WWII and are about the horrors and loss experienced by many soldiers and their families during these conflicts.

When studying the poems, the children carefully picked out words and phrases that show the story that is narrated in each verse. The rest of the poem was blacked out.

The original poems show the devastation and heartbreak of war and by choosing words carefully, the children have created poems that are as equally sorrowful as the originals.



In year 6 we have been studying why both Sikhs and Hindus celebrate the Festival of Diwali.

We have looked at stories linked to Diwali, customs and practises of Diwali, the origins of Sikhism and Hinduism and why it is important for communities to come together for celebrations.

To finish off our amazing R.E. topic, we took part in a Diwa art workshop where we had chance to decorate our own Diwa pots. We discussed important colours to use on our pots and the types of patterns that would be used in authentic pots.

We worked really hard to produce a colourful, intricately patterned pot and really enjoyed the session.


No Pen Day

Armistice day



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