Year 4

Manchester Museum of Science and Industry

On Tuesday 25th February we went to Manchester Museum of Science and Industry.

We learned about Electricity in a Circuit City workshop and enjoyed interacting with the other displays about Sound, Forces, Reflection, The Earth and Sun and the Human Body.

What a great day out!


Story Stones, The Fox and the Crow

Maths Multiplications

Brass Lessons

Egyptian Headdress Art Work

Investigating how sounds travel

We have made string telephones to investigate sound travelling. 

We were quite surprised to find out that we could hear our partners voice when we listened into the plastic cup.  We found out that if the string was tight the vibrations along the string carried better and we could  hear our partner more clearly than if the string was loose. Amazing !

Learning about sound

This term we are learning all about sound. 

Today we learnt how sounds are made. Using tuning forks we saw vibrations as ripples in the water. On the drum the rice moved every we time we hit it because of the vibrations. The rulers vibrations changed depending on how long or short the ruler was, the shorter the ruler the faster the vibrations.

We know that vibrations travel through air as sound waves to our ears.

Bolton Museum Visit

On Wednesday 18th December Year 4 visited Bolton Museum to deepen their understanding about Ancient Egypt. We could answer lots of the questions asked, but we learnt a lot of new information and got to see real artefacts including a real ‘mummy’. 

Christmas Service

On Tuesday 10th December Year 4 and children from Green fold were invited to St Catherine’s Church for their annual Christmas Service.

We were welcomed by Kath and Jonathon and sang some Christmas songs before listening to the Christmas story.

The service ended with everyone singing Jingle bells and some well earned refreshments.

We look forward to joining you again next year.








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