Year 3


To celebrate Diwali, we did a dance to celebrate the festival of light.

Making a Periscope

As part of our topic on light, we looked at making a periscope so that we could use mirrors to see reflection working.

Stone Age Topic

During our Stone Age topic, we have looked at different artefacts and had a go at spear throwing. We researched what Stonehenge looked like and then tried to replicate it with biscuits. We created our own cave pictures using charcoal AND used pictures to help us write a diary entry as if we were alive in the Stone Age era.

Some of us extended our learning at home through creating models and artwork. What a busy half term!!!

Cave art using charcoal

Understanding how muscles work

Creating Stonehenge using biscuits

Clay Sculptures

As part of our learning on the Ancient Greeks we designed our own mythical creature. We thought about what it might look like, what characteristics it would have and integrated this mythical creature into our own Greek myth. The children then used clay to model and bring their design to life.

Events at School

Sports day 2019

Sports day 2019! We had a fantastic morning out on the field with our class friends, staff and families. It was lovely to see everyone trying their best and cheering on their friends. We took part in running races, skipping, sack and egg and spoon races. We finished off with a parent race which was fun to watch!

Tatton Park

As part of our learning on plants we went on a trip to Tatton Park. We took part in the ‘Green Fingers’ experience. As part of our day we potted plants, made a biodegradable plant pot out of newspaper, made a bug hotel and explored Tatton Park’s vast grounds in search of different plants, tress and minibeasts.

During art week

During art week, year 3 studied the artists Frederick Varley and Alexander Nepote. They had a go at observational drawing using pencil and pencil crayons, then they created their own ideas for weather pictures using pencil crayons. Finally, the children created their own artwork on canvas’ using acrylic paint.

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