Dinosaur on the run!

Reception children noticed something new in our reading area outside. There were very large eggs! We watched them very closely over the next few days and they began to crack. One morning they were gone and then we saw a dinosaur running around on our playground. We went outside to take a closer look. It was a T Rex.

Competition Time

Reception Class have entered into a potato growing competition. We had to plant our potatoes that had been chitting for the last couple of weeks on the 3rd of March. We will continue to water them and watch them grow.  

World Book Day

Children dressed up as their favourite character and shared their book.

Spring Activities

Winter Wonderland

Elf on the Shelf – Are we being good? 

Trip to watch Cinderella

Class Pet 

Wilfred Geere Visit 

The Allotment



We have worked on our balancing skills and finding different ways of moving.


We met ‘Timmy Tennis’ who turns his tummy to train his technique. We looked at the sound ‘t’ and began to work on our tennis skills.


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