Admission to Reception Class 2019

If you have not registered your child’s details for primary school for September 2019/20 please complete the Online Admission Registration link. Primary schools admissions will open from Monday 23rd September 2019 until Wednesday 15th January 2020

Special educational needs

If your child is undergoing an Education Health and Care Assessment you will still need to complete an application for admission. For further advice contact the Inclusion and Statutory Assessment Service on 01204 338653.

Schools directory (for OFSTED reports and performance tables

Transferring between Primary Schools

Bolton Council is responsible for coordinating admissions into all schools for those families resident within the Bolton Metropolitan Borough. This includes

Children wishing to change from one school to another school within the borough
Children who have arrived in the borough requiring a school place
Children wishing to move from an independent school to a school maintained by the Council
Children resident in the borough but requiring admission to a school in another borough
If you live in the area of another local authority then you must make an application through the school admission team for that authority

Is there an application form I need to complete?

Parents/Carers do not apply directly to the school for child places. Applications are made directly to Bolton Council. Follow the link for the contact details and guidance. Notes of guidance and application information.

You must ensure your child’s continued attendance at their current school whilst your application is being considered however it is recognised that for families who have moved into Bolton this may not always be possible. You must in such circumstances inform the headteacher at their previous school of the arrangements you are making.