About Us

Welcome to Cherry Tree Primary School

We pride ourselves on creating a safe, nurturing atmosphere where all children are given opportunities to grow as a whole person. We will try our hardest to provide each child with the knowledge and skills to confidently work towards achieving their best.

We believe in collaboration and the importance of all children being part of their own education and learning. At Cherry Tree, we value all our children’s successes – whether these are personal or academic and these we share every day. We aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum allowing for the needs of each child to be met within well planned, learning experiences.

We believe that you as parents are your child’s first and primarily his/her most significant educator and that the partnership between home and school extremely important. Through clear communication, understanding, encouragement and involvement, we believe that our partnership will strengthen and your child will reach their true potential.

I, with all my staff, hope your child enjoys being part of Cherry Tree and the Federation of The Orchards and that they make friends and memories along the way

Mrs Mary Fraser

Head Teacher